for Utility Emergencies

Responding to Utility Emergencies

Are responders in your service area prepared to deal with utility emergencies?

Although utility emergencies are one of the most common hazards at the emergency scene, first responders often have limited knowledge on how to safely respond to these emergencies. Now, with just one click, you can educate emergency responders, reduce injuries and save lives.

Mike Callan

Responding to Utility Emergencies is an online, interactive training program designed to complement other department training and offers:

  • Flexibility - Training available 24/7
  • Broader reach - Train your full service area
  • Consistency - The message is consistent and easily updateable
  • Trackability - Receive reports on who has taken and completed the training
  • Reliability - Designed by industry response expert and trainer Michael Callan, a 40 year veteran of the fire service

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Fire / Rescue Increase your knowledge of how to respond to a utility emergency.


Fire Department Training Track

Law Enforcement Learn how to assess the risks associated with a utility emergency.


Law Enforcement Training Track

Community Awareness Knowledge and preparation can impact the outcome of a utility emergency.


Community Responders Training Track